Tanjung Benoa is well known as the main water activities while you visit Bali Island. You could enjoy parasailing, banana boat, Jet Ski, Rolling Donut, Flying Fish, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Glass Bottom Boat + Turtle Island and many more.

For the beach lover you can relax and run from your routine daily life here feel sea breeze and calm beach. The beach also safe for kids and no doubt it is the perfect place for family vacation even for the romantic couple as well.

Some of the activities are:

Tanjung Benoa – Adrenalin Challenge Activities

JETSKI, is the activity using water motorcycle. If you want to do this activity, it is better for you to do with an instructor since there are many water activities doing by other tourist so you can enjoy jetski safely especially from seashore until in the middle. Now it is you turn to ride the jetski if it is clear enough from crowds. You could doing this for about 15 minutes for 1 session and remember to search the waves and hit that so you will feel the sensation doing jetski around Tanjung Benoa beach.

PARASAILING, is the activity in which you are using parachute and will pulled by speed boat around Tanjung Benoa beach, it is almost like sky diving. You will fly about 4 minutes in the air for 1 round, and the height between you and the speed boat is about 80 meters.

FLYING FISH, is the newest activity that you can do if you visit Tanjung Benoa, Bali Island. 3 banana boat is joined with rubber boat across on it and there are like wing on the left and right side of the boat. It can load maximum 3 persons, 2 on the left and right side and an instructor on the middle side. When you do the flying fish you will feel riding a bike and it pulled by a speed boat  with high speed against the winds. Flying fish will run above the water for about 2 meters, the speed will depends on wind speed. Those who like adventure never miss this one to challenge your adrenalin.

Tanjung Benoa – Family Activities

Tanjung Benoa Banana Boat

This the perfect choice for you if you want to having fun together with all families. You will be pulled by speed boat for about 15 minutes go around Tanjung Benoa beach accompanied by an instructor. While doing this it is more fun if along the way you jump in to the water too. The boat is fit for 4 or more people plus 1 instructor.

Glass Bottom Boat & Turtle Island

This is the best thing to do if you visit Tanjung Benoa with your little kids. There is a glass bottom the boat so you can enjoy the beauty underwater living while you are in the boat. The most attractive things to do is feeding the fishes since they will follow you with your bread. Your kids will happier since the number is hundreds and those fishes is colorful.

In addition, you can go to Turtle Island and see turtle captivity. You will find many turtles here, form the eggs, the baby, the small turtle, until adult turtle. Also you can find another animal like birds, snakes, bats, which all of them is safe enough to carry so you can take picture with those animal if you like. This activity will run for around 1 hour.

Tanjung Benoa – Marine Underwater Activities

Tanjung Benoa Scuba Diving

If you want to dive you will be given complete diving equipment from clothes, oxygen, etc. Before you dive underwater you will be given briefing about diving and you will accompanied by an instructor so you no need to worry go by yourself. The depth for the beginner is about 3 – 7 meters for 40 minutes. While you are diving and enjoy the beauty underwater creature you also can feed the fishes. You will find that there are many magnificent fishes, coral reefs, sea plants, and many more at Tanjung Benoa diving sites.

Tanjung Benoa Snorkeling

Besides scuba diving you also can do snorkeling at Tanjung Benoa. It is swimming and see underwater living, the main point is you have to be able to swim to do snorkeling. In order to do snorkeling you will need mask and also fin to see coral reefs and beautiful colorful fishes while you are swimming.

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