Tanjung Benoa is well known as the main water activities while you visit Bali Island. You could enjoy parasailing, banana boat, Jet Ski, Rolling Donut, Flying Fish, Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Glass Bottom Boat + Turtle Island and many more. For the beach lover you can relax and run from your routine daily life here feel sea breeze and calm beach. The beach also safe for kids and no doubt it is the perfect place for family vacation even for the romantic couple as well.

Many people said that Bali is a paradise. But also some people said that Bali is not a paradise. Well … everybody’s got their own opinion. For me, I think Bali is cool for vacation. If you want to search for the most beautiful beaches in the world may be not in Bali, but Bali has a complete facility for the vacation. (Actually Tanjung Benoa beach, Bali, included to top 10 of the most beautiful beach in the world). Many water sports are fun and interesting available at this beach. I mean the beach of Tanjung Benoa.

Exciting Bali Rolling Donut Tanjung Benoa

Bali Rolling Donut, to those people who never try, surely there will be a question in their mind. On this page, we will explain to you about one of Bali marine sport at Tanjung Benoa Bali.

This game can be considered fairly new in Tanjung Benoa Bali. Doughnut, word that really familiar to our ears. The shape is round on the middle there is a hole. But on this page we don’t write about Doughnut but Rolling Donut. If we go to Tanjung Benoa Bali, we will be introduced to the game Rolling Donuts. This is not a game of eating donuts.

Bali Rolling Donut ride, in Indonesian called Bali Rolling Donat! Use inflatable raft which is look like Doughnut. The raft able to accommodated up to two or four people and pulled by speed boats around the coast. The game is relatively new as addition to Jet Ski, Parasailing, Scuba Diving and Snorkeling. Rolling Donut boat facility varied by the number of passengers, it can be for two people or four people.

While sitting on the boat, the number of passengers on the right and left should be the same. This to keep the balance when inflatable raft is pulled by speed boat. The distance between inflatable rafts to speed boat is about five meters. For one round of this game lasts about 15 minutes.

The tools used such as inflatable raft, speed boat, life jacket used by each passenger and the guide must meet international standards. This is because the comfort and safety of passengers is the main priority.

Before the game begins, the guide will be happy to give directions, explanation on how the tools used, what to do while on the boat, how to secure your self if you dropped from the boat, and other things for the sake of safety.

Sea water conditions Tanjung Benoa beach are perfect for this Bali marine sport activities. Guides, who are trained and experienced, will be happy to accompany you on the beach while enjoying the beautiful coastal scenery during the day. It’s fun when done with friends and family.

After the rolling donut activity, continue with other Bali watersport or get back to your Bali car charter.

WHAT TO BRING? Hat, Sun glasses, Sun screen, Sandal, Change Clothe, Towel, Camera, Money for drinks.

PRICE: US$ 25 net/person

Price inclusive of:

  • 21% Government tax and service charge
  • 15 Minutes rolling donut and minimum 2 persons
  • Safety Equipment
  • Short safety briefing
  • Medical insurance
  • Free using locker


  • The additional charge of 3% will be charged if the payment is made by credit card on spot for bank administration fee
  • Payment can be also made via PayPal
  • The above rates are valid until 31 March 2011
  • All rate quoted on the page are subject to change without notice and strictly valid when the booking is made via Bali transport info only
  • All booking confirmations are subject to availability basis.

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