Kehen Temple at Bangli Regency

Situated close by the town of Bangli, the Kehen Temple is one of the oldest temple of Bali. Built in the 11th century and often describes as a miniature of Besakih Temple (Mother Temple), Pura Kehen is similar is form and purpose. This the biggest temple in the Esat Bali.

The quality of the carving is exceptional for a Balinese Temple. Ascending courtyards up a hillside are reminiscent of the stepped pyramids from Megalithic Age. Just as Besakih became the residence of the deified spirits of the kings of Klungkung, Pura Kehen served that function for the kingdom of Bangli, whose rajas were all crowned within its hallowed courtyards.

Just north of the town of Bangli, is one of the largest temples in Bali, and a stirring example of the virtuosity of the stone-carvers of the region. It was founded in the 11th centuries by Cri Brahma Kenuti Ketu. Pura Kehen has three courtyard, each entered through a towering, carved gateway. The second courtyard is a venerable Banyan tree.

Kehen Temple is one of ancients temples in Bali where were housed three old bronze-made manuscripts. This temple is worshipped by the people around of the village.

The ceremony takes place on ‘Buda Kliwon Shinta’ where Ngusaba ceremony is held one in a three years period, which is fall on ‘Purnama Kelima’ around November This place can be reached by any mode of transports through a well keptashalted road, or a short walk from Sasana Budaya Giri Kusuma Cultural Hall.

The word “Kehen is drived from ‘Keren”meaning flame. Formerly, it was known as “Hyang Api’ Kehen Temple is located on the southern slope of Bangli Hill about 2 kms from the town. It is really an historical temple worth visiting with a long plight of steps pointing down to the south.

The relief of the stone given to all buildings in the temple exactly has power. Tens of decoration plates of Chinese pottery are buried in the wall. At that time, the trade with China and the prosperity at the dynasty are guessed from this.

However, Chinese earthenware at that time has been almost stolen.

Therefore, the one seen now is the one that was restored afterwards. There are a lot of viewpoints such as tower that digs by three gods of Hinduism, and 11 layer Mel etc. in this temple. Moreover, because this temple is composed of three steps, and built respectively in separate age, you can enjoy difference. It can enjoy each one of the stone sculpture.

Banyan tree grows thick in the temple, and quiet air drifts. The tourist is few and it may be good that you meditate in this peaceful, quiet temple.

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