Sanur beach is a long stretch of beautiful white sands lined with palms that shade dreamy footpaths market stalls and relaxed beach cafes. Along the beach are a number of traditional groins complete with traditional Balinese Bale (raised shaded day sleeping and relaxing areas). Most are no longer used although a few are sometimes occupied by the odd fisherman who fish from these waters. The waters of Sanur are protected by a long string of offshore reefs creating large, warm shallow, safe lagoons that are perfectly clear and excellent for swimming, snorkeling and a whole array of water sports. Surfers will be pleased to know that the reefs around Sanur produce some of the best waves in the world in the right conditions although they can be very shallow and dangerous at low tides. There are also plenty of more consistent spots around the area for surfing.

Other activities in Sanur are include sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing and cycling although the most popular activity by far is relaxing in the amazing beach resort’s beach access, pools and at cafes and on the sun loungers and sands.

Accommodation in Sanur is of a mid to high range standard offering many dazzling beach resorts, international hotels and villas. There are some budget places but not in the abundance of Kuta, for budget accommodation look slightly outside Sanur in neighboring towns.

This is due to Sanur being more of a family or couples holiday area, there are no big clubs and loud youths in Sanur, instead there are more classy relaxed bars and pub style bars that can be hard to find in Bali, food and drink is generally very good here and prices are not at all extortionate.

Sanur Beach is first time introduced by Belgium artist called A.J. Le Mayeur and his wife named Ni Polok which remains in Sanur since year 1937. He has performed his own masterpiece painting exhibition and start introduces Sanur as a tourist place in Bali. In south-east side, we can see the bunch of Nusa Penida Island and eastside we can see beautiful panorama of Bali strait with its Agung Mount as a backdrop.

The tropical atmosphere sweep entire of Sanur Beach that makes it as an ideal place for relaxation. It is also blessed by the breathtaking view of sunrise that one is the fascination for tourist to visit and stay in this place.

Sanur is the original Bali seaside resort that has developed naturally over the years due to its physical and cultural characteristics and beauty. Located just 25 minutes from the international airport, 15 minutes from the Kuta area, 10 minutes to Denpasar and with excellent by pass access to the rest of the island Sanur is a very well positioned venue. The locals of Sanur have been interested in Balinese spirituality and magic for generations and as with the rest of east Bali are particularly friendly, welcoming and accommodating. With this said it is surprising how un-crowded and peaceful Sanur is, there are many activities to try on the beach as well as beach resorts and bars and restaurants but this is all spread along a long coastline creating a secluded feel where the action goes unnoticed to the sunbathers and loungers upon unspoiled beaches that maintain the traditional Balinese feel.

Sanur’s positioning also makes for an excellent luxury base from which to explore the rest of the island, particularly the southern Bukit, east, Ubud and the mountains. Further up the east coast are many sleepy fishing villages that are far less visited then south Bali and offer a real taste of Bali.

Sanur in round up is the perfect spot for many people who seek a family holiday or a more sophisticated beach holiday for couples or friends. Sanur is in the mid price range and is far cheaper than Nusa Dua but offers a more refined atmosphere than Kuta. Sanur’s positioning, activities and beautiful safe beaches all create the perfect spot where every family member’s needs are catered for in an area that still retains tranquil serenity. Sanur is more than unobjectionable and a recommendation for all but the more budget conscious backpackers and young.

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